What Can Evolve Mind and Body Chiropractic Do For You?

Chiropractic, in its many forms can be helpful for everyone – including you.  Most people think of it as a tool to help with symptoms like pain and stiffness in your back, neck and hips.  The truth is that it can be so much more than that!

The Flight-Flight-Freeze Response

You may have a very busy life, rushing around most of the time trying to get everything you need to do done. You may be under a lot of pressure with financial, work and family commitments – especially at the moment as the reality of the repercussions from lockdown start to unfold.  This triggers a stress response from your nervous system known as the ‘flight-flight-freeze response’. 

The flight-flight-freeze response served people very well in years gone by, when stresses were more immediate and imminent, such as a predator like a wolf or a lion.  Here the response would help ensure survival with an immediate action, then the immune system could calm back down again once the problem had been dealt with (hopefully successfully).  Once calm, the nervous system could move back into the ‘rest and digest’ mode, where routine maintenance of the body is taken care of. 

However, in your current day to day life, the predators are your work deadlines, constant pressure from mobile phones, emails and tv, and your never ending to-do list. Your fight-flight-freeze survival mechanism is constantly switched on and doesn’t get switched off.  Your body is running in survival mode for weeks, or maybe even years – it’s like running with the brakes on!  Certain muscles get tighter and tighter because your posture goes into defense, combined with sitting at a desk and repetitive jobs where you are leaning forward all day or doing one-sided activities. All this compresses and causes wear into joints, and your posture becomes worse and worse. 

Your nervous system is predominantly housed in your spine, so as your posture gets worse, it puts more strain on your spinal nerves, and causes interference with how your nerves function. At some point, your body will start to let you know it needs some attention by creating pain, symptoms, illness, low energy and low mood, etc.  When you start to get these signs, a lot of damage has already been done.

So, how does Chiropractic help?

Your Chiropractic adjustments help to remove the interference from your spine and joints so that your nervous system can function more efficiently. This means your body’s own natural capacity to heal and recover are greatly assisted.  Network chiropractic focuses on bringing the nervous system out of defense posture, bringing more ease into your body, reducing the strain on your nervous system and allowing it to function more effectively. The more structural techniques like McTimoney Chiropractic, are great for more symptomatic relief. Chiropractic doesn’t just affect your back; it affects your whole body.

So, pain isn’t such a bad thing, it’s actually an indicator we need to change something in our lives. After all, if your engine management light on your car came on, you wouldn’t just turn it off without finding out what had triggered the light to turn on in the first place.  It’s an indicator that there is a problem, and something needs attention – if you just remove the symptom you don’t learn anything. It is likely to just come back, or your body will find another way to let you know something is wrong, often shouting louder each time.  The longer this goes on the more damage is done to your nervous system and your health, making it harder (and in some cases impossible) to repair. 

You only get one body in this lifetime, so listen to it, and heed those warnings when it’s in need of some TLC. Take back control of your own health, instead of letting your health limit your life!

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